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History of FloofyArts:
FloofyArts is a mother-daughter business that was created in 2014 to sell our Disney-inspired Paintings. After about a year of painting, Chloe brought up the idea to Kim about doing Full Floral Ears because Disney didn't sell Floral Ears and the ears they did sell were uncomfortable. After a few months of creating full florals, FloofyArts expanded to making Fabric ears. On a trip to the craft store, we saw these vines and thought how perfect these would be for a pair of ears. Next thing you know we are designing Vine ears. After a month or so of debating, we decided we wanted to add wire ears to our shop. FloofyArts was created as a way to share our creations and our love for Disney around the world. We wanted to create a product that would add extra magic to your trip, that is comfortable to wear all day, and a product that is stylish. 

More About Us:

When Kim graduated High School she decided to work at her Nana's Floral Shop in Louisiana. After twenty years of being a florist, she left the job and became a stay-at-home mom of 2. Being a stay-at-home mom, she encouraged Brad and Chloe to use their creative side. After being home for a few months, she decided to create an online store called Rosesrkim. Selling mainly wedding bouquets and flower decor has given her a lot of experience when dealing with flowers. If you pointed to a flower somewhere, 99% of the time she knows what it is. 

Questions About Us:
What is your favorite park?
Kim - Magic Kingdom
Chloe - Animal Kingdom

Favorite Restaurants?
Kim - Chef Mickey's 
Chloe - Ohana's, Be Our Guest, or Tusker House

Top 5 Favorite Disney Movies?
Kim - The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Moana, and Tarzan
Chloe - Tangled, Atlantis, Oliver and Company, The Lion King, and Moana
***This was the hardest question ever***

Favorite Disney Snacks?
Kim - Ice Cream 
Chloe - Dole Whips!