How long until my order ships?

ALL ears are already made before the sale! Usually ears will ship out the day after purchase!

Are the headbands comfortable?

Every headband we use is "one size fits most". We use headbands that we found the most comfortable when wearing in the parks. I honestly have a bigger head than my mom - who has a smaller head - and they fit us perfectly. On our vine ears we use headbands that have "teeth" for extra support/grip. 

How do I care for my ears?

While we do make sure all of our ears are secured before leaving our house, things do happen. To prevent these things from happening DO NOT leave your ears in a hot car and DO NOT get them wet. 

Where can I see your designs?

We usually post on our Instagram profile, FloofyArts, with the ears we will have available for the sale!

Can I exchange/return my item?

At this time we do not accept exchanges or returns

Can I cancel my order?

Due to limited availability on our ears, we are unable to cancel orders. 

I entered the wrong addressee! What do I do?

Once a order is SHIPPED we are unable to change addressees. If the item ISN'T SHIPPED we will TRY OUR BEST to change the addressee. 

Where can I see more of your creations? 

Follow us on FloofyArts to see some of our recent and past creations!

When will your shop open?

Subscribe to our newsletter and Follow us on Instagram to be updates on our latest openings!

How fragile are the WIRE Ears?

Because the ears are made with wire they are fragile. Your ears may bend, but you can usually re-work them back into a circle!

What are the Light Up Ears?

For just 13.00 you can upgrade your ears to glow up with multicolor led lights that change colors throughout the night! Your ears will also be decorated with transparent glow in the dark paint, that will add extra glow wherever you go! 

There is a on and off switch that allows you to turn them on and off when needed!

The light up ears are powered by 2 AAA batteries that can easily be replaced!

The ears will be decorated with a TRANSPARENT glow in the dark paint, that will add extra glow to your ears.


Custom Orders / Other Questions?

Just contact us on Instagram or email us at!